Article Index

The Department of Medical Education publish Fact Sheets on a periodic basis which present information on medical education subjects in an easy to read, portable format, emphasizing key points of interest or concern. This in turn provides a general idea about current issues related to COM educational practice, policy, and philosophy.

The index of published fact sheets is as follows:

FS-00 What is a Fact Sheet in Medical Education?

FS-01 What is a Fact Sheet in Medical Education?

FS-02 The Process of Problem Based Learning - The Eleven Steps

FS-03 Why Problem Based Learning? The Rationale behind PBL

FS-04 The word "Lecture"

FS-05 Simulated Patients (SP's)

FS-06 Educational Objectives

FS-07 Taxonomy of Educational Objectives

FS-08 Evidence Based Medicine (EBM)

FS-09 Assessment