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In accordance with the University Council, the following criteria will be used to determine eligibility for admission to the 2-year Pre-Medical program: 

• Cumulative percentage of high school certificate
• Achievement Exam
• Aptitude Exam
• Personal interview

Each criterion will be weighted as follows:

• Accumulative percentage of high school certificate grade = 30%
• Aptitude Exam grade = 30%
• Achievement Exam grade = 40%

The rate is calculated based on differentiating between students as follows:

Composite ratio = (Cumulative percentage of high school certificate results × 0.30) + (Aptitude test results × 0.30) + (Achievement test result 0.40)
Example of the method of calculating the ratio:

An applicant with a score of 95.00% in the high school certificate, 85.00% in the General Aptitude Exam, and 80.00% in the Achievement Exam will be calculated for admissions ranking as follows:
Accumulative grade = (95 × 0.30) + (85 ×0.30) + (80 ×0.40) = 86

This forms the basis upon which the differentiation between students is based and is applicable to those who meet the general admission requirements.