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1. When was this college established?
The College of Medicine was established by Royal Decree No. 3-B-53278, dated 9th Dhual-Qadih 1424H (1stJanuary, 2004), issued by King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz, the Custodian of Tw0 Holy Mosques.

2. What is unique about this college?
The College of Medicine implements a unique Medical Program. The student-centered curriculum aims to produce medical graduates who are committed to rational, compassionate healthcare and medical research of the highest quality. Some of the features that distinguish this program include:

  • Early clinical experience.
  • Integration of subject within and across years.
  • The use of new information technologies.
  • A focus on clinical reasoning.
  • Assessment which emphasizes relevance, feedback, and comprehensiveness.

3. Is this College of Medicine recognized locally and internationally?
Yes, it is.

4. How many years, do I need to spend before I can practice as a doctor?
If you are accepted in Stream II you will spend four years and one half one year plus internship.

5. How can I join this college?
You can join the College by registering your data in our online registration system and there are some requirements and  conditions you must meet. If you meet these requirements and conditions you will be one of the accepted students.

6. I have graduated from College of Applied Health Sciences three years ago, can I join the college?
Yes as only students who's graduation certificate age is more than five years can not be a student in the College of Medicine.

7. I am a graduate of College of English Literature, can I join the College of Medicine?
The College accepts the graduates students from the following colleges only:

  • College of Pharmacy
  • College of Applied Sciences
  • College of Sciences
  • College of Veterinary

8. What is the procedure to apply for this college?
You can apply to the College by following this link to the online registration system. Click on the link and you will be taken to the online registration system. Before entering your data, read the terms and conditions carefully. If you meet them, continue with the online registration by entering your data page by page.

9. Is the College currently accepting female students?
Currently, we accept male students only. However, we will give female students the chance to join our college in the near future when the facilities are available.