The College of Medicine, KSAU-HS has established an undergraduate and graduate, integrated problem-based as well as a web-based curriculum.  Given the fact that it is one of the first universities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to follow this innovation, a unique opportunity for educational research and publication of our newly developed experience in this domain is available.  Throughout the last five years, a great deal of data has been collected, processed and maintained.  Such data includes an ongoing evaluation of the curriculum in terms of content, learning process, faculty expertise, as well as student satisfaction with the learning process.  In addition, an ongoing two year retrospective evaluation of the program is in progress which involves all stakeholders (leaders, faculty and students).  Moreover, data regarding student assessment including MCQs, MEQs, OSPEs, OSCEs and tutorials are also available.  The utilization of these data in carrying out research projects yielding to scientific publication is of utmost importance for sharing our experience with the international educational community.  Moreover, this unit is responsible for organizing the Medical Research Program for all undergraduate students.  Each student is expected to conduct high quality research and prepare a manuscript ready for publication.  This unit also oversees the Masters of Medical Education research thesis that conducts 15-20 projects each year.


The goal of the Research and Dissemination Unit within the Department of Medical Education, College of Medicine, KSAU-HS is to promote research, facilitate funding opportunities and enhance scientific publication.




• To develop guidelines and internal policies for educational research .

• To conduct training for faculty members on issues related to research.

• To assist students and faculty members in the planning and analysis of their research projects.

• To encourage dissemination of educational research, including Masters students’ theses and medical research projects .

• To conduct and publish educational research in collaboration with other units within the Department of Medical Education and other College departments.


Members of the unit will achieve the aforementioned goals through the following strategies:

• To create a culture conducive to research among faculty and students.

• Faculty development activities that promote research.

• Identify research priorities on an annual basis.

• Search and advertise funding opportunities through the institution and external sources.

• Facilitate data acquisition from various sources.

• Develop expertise in designing, planning, analysis and writing of research projects for students and faculty members.

• Edit and publish manuscripts in well-known and esteemed medical journals.

• Formulate an Educational Research Support Sub-Unit.





• Activation of the COM research committee.

• Develop guidelines for the medical research program.

• Formulate a database of supervisors for the medical research program.

• Organize workshops for supervisors.

• Develop new block books for the medical research program.

• Publish the research from the medical research data.

• Develop guidelines for the Master’s thesis approval process.

• Organize a COM Research Day for the dissemination of educational research.

• Develop a student handbook specifically for research.

• Conduct training workshops for faculty and students on issues related to research.

• Coordinate the Riyadh International Multi-Center Study on the Effectiveness of Problem-Based Learning (PBL).


Director Research Unit: Dr. Mohammed Al Dubayee Ext.: 95194

Coordinator Research Unit: Dr Aamir Omair Ext.: 95248

For more information please contact Annabelle Borja at Ext: 95196