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  • Central control of assessment through a well secured faculty.
  • Multidisciplinary collaboration from all faculty and departments.
  • Use of a spectrum of instruments that are valid, reliable and covere the required objectives and competencies.
  • Ensure the high quality of assessment through extensive review, revision and evaluation.
  • Active involvement of students through regular feedback.


  • Forming an Assessment Unit Committee.
  • Setting up blueprints for course exams.
  • Providing assessment and item-writing workshops.
  • Soliciting, preparing, and editing items.
  • Scheduling meetings for review and approval of items to ensure that the blueprint is adhered to and the items meet the IDEAL criteria.
  • Typing and formatting examinations for the block, mid-block and final examinations.
  • Collating, delivering, and retrieving written examinations.
  • Marking exams using optical scanners and delivering results to Academic Affairs.
  • Reviewing psychometric properties of the test/items.
  • Securing and maintaining proper storage of examinations.


Director: Dr. Sami Al Nasser  Ext.:  95420

OSCE Coordinator: Dr. Ahmed Mazin Ext.: 95302 (COM-M); Dr. Areeg Abdulla Ext.: 99787 (COM-F)
Senior Assessment Coordinator: Imran Zafar  Ext.: 95167
OSCE Administrative Assistant: Abdulaziz M. Al Dossari  Ext.: 95325

Administrative Assistant: Renalyn S. Tabago  Ext.: 95167