An important challenge for medical education internationally, is the design and implementation of curricula and  teaching practices which will develop skills of acquiring and applying knowledge efficiently, as well as critical thinking, analysis and professional behaviors and attitudes in all students.  Adopting a contemporary, integrated Problem Based Learning  (PBL) curriculum from the University of Sydney, Australia, the College of Medicine has committed itself to meeting this challenge for the ultimate benefit of producing competent, life long learning practitioners of the highest standard. All curricula however need to be contextualized to suit its own circumstances and we continually endeavor to modify our curriculum to meet the challenges of educating effective Saudi doctors for the 21st century.  In so doing, we place high priority on the goal of enhancing the educational experiences of our students by making learning the core issue and define instruction as enhancing and facilitating the learning process.


Taking account of modern educational theory and research, our goal is to facilitate the design, delivery and quality management of curricula that are relevant to the needs of educating Saudi health professionals for the 21st century.


Objectives Cont'd


Curriculum and Instructional Strategies include:

PBL strategies include:


Director: Prof. Bashir Hamad
Coordinator: Dr. Muhammad Athar Khan
Director: Prof. Bashir Hamad

Coordinator: Dr. Muhammad Athar Khan

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