How To Use the Phonebook

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Searching on a Name:

Using the Alpha-Index

Select the first letter of the College, Department or person’s name (note: Dr. will start with D, Fahad – F and Professor – P) This facility does not allow firstname or last name searches. If you wish to do a firstname, lastname search go to the Main Search Page as listed below.

2. Main Search Page

By name or part of name:

Enter the information of the person you want to look up in the box and then click on the "Search" button. It is not necessary to completely enter a name. Entering a last name of "smi" will produce a listing of last names beginning with "smi" to be displayed, e.g., Smith, Smithereen, and Smile.

Do not include any commas, periods etc. Do not use nicknames in the name fields (i.e. "mike" will not work in the "name" fields for "michael").

In general, you may enter a search for a person with the "firstname lastname", or "lastname firstname". You may search with only "firstname" or "lastname" if it is unique enough. When you don't know the exact character string to be entered, you can ask for entries that contain "any words" similar to the name you are searching for.

By College of Department:

Select the College or Department from the drop down boxes displayed in “Extended Search Options You may receive very long search results if you select only one option, however, by scrolling down to the bottom of the screen, you can go to the next page by clicking on either the page number, or the "next" link.

Searching by Employee Type (Administrative Staff, Faculty etc):

When searching for an employee type, you can use the “Extended Search Options” on the main search page. Select the appropriate category from the Type drop down box. If you wish to find a particular employee and you know the spelling of his/her name, you may be more successful by searching on a name, as indicated above.

Search by Office Phone or Pager Number:
You may search for a University Employee by entering with his/her office phone or pager number on the Main Search Page.  Examples: 123-4567  or (520) 123-4567 or 1234.

Search by Position or Job Title:
You may search for a University Employee by entering with his/her position or job title on the Main Search Page.  Examples:  Manager or Associate Dean or Coordinator.

NOTE: This is different from Employee Type (see above).


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