Academic Affairs provides a number of student services that are vital to the success of the academic mission of the College of Medicine.  Whether you are a perspective student or a current student, Academic Affairs will be a life-line for you as you maneuver through academic life at the College.  A major focus of Academic Affairs is the management and execution of the medical program, including the preparation and monitoring of the academic calendar and daily schedules, student assessment, and registrar functions.  Other services provided, through the Office of Student Affairs, include extra-curricular activities, athletic programs, student health, student government and other functions that are essential for building a well-adjusted and healthy student body.  The College Library, which falls under the administrative jurisdiction of Academic & Student Affairs, supports the medical curriculum and provides avenues for student research.

At the College of Medicine, we aim to develop physicians with strong decision-making and leadership skills.  We believe that this can only be accomplished by developing our students’ character along with their minds.  If history has taught us anything, it is that with knowledge comes power.  Power in the hands of those with sound character becomes progress, but in the absence of good character becomes chaos.  We understand that character is best developed in an environment where individuals feel free to express themselves without the fear of retribution.  In this light, we encourage our students to become active participants in their educational experience, which includes student representation in the College of Medicine Curriculum Committee, as well as other avenues through which students can candidly and confidentially evaluate their academic activities. 

The medical program curriculum was adopted from a world-class institution, and is delivered to our students in a web-based, problem-based learning format.  We are confident that the College of Medicine at King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences offers one of the strongest medical programs available in our region, and stands up against those offered at top ranking institutions around the world.


Dr. Moeber M. Mahzari

Associate Dean, Academic & Student Affairs
College of Medicine, KSAU-HS


Secretary 1:        Clara Hernandez, Administrative Assistant          

Secretary 2:        Sultan Qahtani, Administrative Assistant