Our MBBS program employs a curriculum licensed from the University of Sydney in Australia but adapted to meet local needs.  This curriculum is built on the SPICES model, which holds that education should be:


Features of the program include:

A focus on clinical reasoning
The curriculum is grounded in Problem Based Learning (PBL),  an instructional method where students work in small groups on actual medical problems.  PBL takes students beyond just learning facts: they learn how to think critically and analytically and apply their knowledge in real-life situations.

Early clinical exposure
In the Clinical Skills Lab, students get the chance to work in a hands-on setting before dealing with actual patients.  They gain confidence and proficiency in clinical skills, since they can safely and effectively learn how to perform procedures before having to carry them out in real healthcare situations.

Integration of subjects within and across years
Five Themes extend throughout the program, providing the framework for the curriculum and assessment.  These themes have dedicated sessions as well as being integrated across the entire curriculum.

New information technologies
Faculty and students have access to a resource-rich online portal, which acts as a central hub for all learning activities, skills, and themes.  The entire curriculum is available through the portal, which students and faculty can access online anytime from the College, library, hospital or home.