Block Descriptions

Year 1 Semester 1 (11 CRH)

Block 1: Introduction to Medical Education (3 credit hours CRH)

This block provides an overview of the MME program and of major issues in health professions education. It introduces core principles and theories about learning and emphasizes contemporary trends such as PBL. Study skills are discussed during this block and students practice small group-work along the way and learn to collaborate using electronic tools. Basic education methodologies, evaluation, and EBM are also introduced during the block.

Block 2: Learning and Cognition (4 CRH)

Students deepen their insight into historical foundations, modern principles and concepts of knowledge and learning. Classical origins and philosophical backgrounds of contemporary learning theories are surveyed. Current theory and practice rooted in behaviorist, cognitive and constructivist perspectives are comparatively studied. Issues such as self-directed learning, contextual learning, collaborative learning, learning styles, memory, transfer, problem-solving, development of expertise, creativity and meta-cognition are keywords for this block.

Block 3: Curriculum and Instruction (4 CRH)

Modern practices in curriculum design and teaching skills, as well as their effects on learning, are addressed in this block. Students are introduced to goals, objectives, instructional strategies, evaluation and basic assessment planning, application, interpretation and analysis. The concept of and criteria for quality educational programs are discussed. A systematic multi-step process for curriculum design is used throughout the block, supported by student projects.