B.Sc., MCSc., PhD.  

Department of Basic Medical Sciences, College of Medicine, King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences
King Abdulaziz Medical City – Riyadh, National Guard Health Affairs, Mail Code: 3127
P. O. Box 22490, Riyadh 11426, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 

Academic Appointments: Deputy Chairman of Basic Medical Science department, COM, KSAU-HS
                                            Assistant Professor of Hematology, Department of Basic Medical Science, COM,KSAU-HS

Tel: +966-11-429-5361
Email: qahtanis  @ksau-hs.edu.sa


Dr. Al Qahtani joined the College of Medicine, King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences (KSAU-HS) as assistant professor of hematology in the Department of Basic Medical Sciences in 2015. Before that he worked as a teaching assistant of Hematology in the Department of Pathology at King Khalid University, Abha (2006 -2007). Subsequently, he moved to KSAU-HS as a teaching assistant. Dr. Al Qahtani did his PhD in Hematology & Oncology at the University of Manchester, United Kingdom. As a faculty member, Dr. Al Qahtani is involved in course instruction and additional administrative work. He has been supervising several undergraduate students and has published many articles in journals of international repute. During his PhD program with Hampson’s group, Institute of Cancer Science, Viral Oncology, College of Medicine,  University of Manchester, he had extensive experience in many aspects of both molecular and cellular biology in order to investigate gene function, gene regulation, gene expression, molecular cloning, plasmid construction, quantitative PCR, protein immune-detection and targeted gene silencing. His future plan is to study the role of tumor viruses in the etiology of leukemia.


  • Deputy Chairman of Basic Medical Science Department COM, KSAU-HS
  • Member of College of Medicine Council, KSAU-HS
  • Member of the Executive Management Group COM, KSAU-HS
  • Member of the Standardization of Lectures – Contents and Delivery Committee COM, KSAU-HS
  • Member of the Curriculum Committee COM, KSAU-HS
  • Member of the Curriculum Reform COM, KSAU-HS
  • Member of the Curriculum Alignment Committee COM, KSAU-HS
  • Member of the Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation Committee (QAAA) COM, KSAU-HS
  • Member of the Research Committee COM, KSAU-HS
  • Member of the Recruitment Search Committee COM, KSAU-HS
  • Member of the Medicine Program Faculty Enhancement Committee COM, KSAU-HS
  • Member of the Academic Counselling Committee
  • Leader of the Hematology team in the Basic Medical Sciences Dept., COM, KSAU-HS
  • Instruction of Hematological System and disorder (Hematology); to undergraduate students in College of Medicine, KSAU-HS
  • Instruction of Hematological System, Malignancy and Lymphatic System of Advanced Pathophysiology course for post graduate students (Master Program), College of Nursing, KSAU-HS
  • PBL tutor for various blocks: Neurosciences, Foundation, Endocrine - Nutrition, Musculoskeletal, Respiratory, Hematology, Oncology and Gastroenterology blocks
  • Supervisor of Hematology Lab: experimental procedures and design in the College of Medicine, KSAU-HS
  • Basic Medical Science MCQ coordinators for Hematology Block (Phase II Blocks)
  • Research supervision


  • Ph.D. Hematology Oncology June 2015
    Faculty of Medicine. The University of Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Masters of Pathological Science (MCSc) –Hematology. Sep 2009
    Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, United Kingdom
  • Bachelor of Biomedical Science (BMs). July 2005
    College of Applied Medical Sciences, King Khalid University, Abha. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Clinical Service

  • Supervisor and Hematologist at Armed Forced Military Hospital (AFMH). Aug. 2006 to Dec. 2006
  • Specialist of Hematology at Asser Central Hospital (ACH). Dec. 2006 to Nov. 2007


Award Academic excellence from Saudi Arabia Cultural Bureau in London, 2013/2014


  • Member of Saudi Society of Medical Genetics
  • Member of Saudi Stem Cell Society
  • Member of Saudi Society of Blood & Marrow Transplantation 
  • Member of the International Society of Hematology

Research Focus

• Potential role of retroviruses (XMRV, HTLV1 Tax, HERVs) in the etiology of leukemia
• Expression array analysis of silenced syncytin-1 in Human T Cell Leukaemia cells reveals modulated pathway functions implicated in cancer and Multiple Sclerosis
• Role of syncytin-1 in disease development and progression in leukemia
• Investigate the toxicity and mechanism of the environmental factors (Cadmium chlorides, AgNPs) in human leukemic cell lines
• Hemostasis and platelet dysfunction, disorders
• Stem cells as therapeutic targets to many diseases (Cancer, Leukemia)


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