Ph.D, MsEd.
Associate Professor of Psychology

Department of Medical Education, College of Medicine
King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences, King Abdulaziz Medical City – Riyadh, National Guard Health Affairs,


Dr. Sajida Agha is currently serving as an Associate Professor of Psychology at King Saud Bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences (KSAU-HS) - College of Medicine since November 2011. She completed her master degrees in the department of Clinical Psychology, Peshawar University, Peshawar, Pakistan and Department of Education, University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia.  Her Ph.D. was obtained from the Institute of Clinical Psychology at Karachi University, Karachi, Pakistan. After the Ph.D., she worked as an assistant professor in the department of medical education at Isra University, Hyderabad, Pakistan and also served as the Director of Quality Assurance Unit. Before joining King Saud bin Abdulaziz University, she worked as an associate professor of behavioural sciences at Isra University, Pakistan.


Dr. Sajida Agha currently teaches masters in medical education cognition as well as learning and faculty development.  She is also the director of faculty enhancement and the mentoring and e-portfolio program.


  • Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, Karachi University, Karachi, Pakistan
    M.S., Clinical Psychology,Peshawar University, Peshawar, Pakistan
  • MsEd., Education, University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia
  • B.S., Clinical Psychology, Sindh University, Pakistan


• Received Promotion of Education in Pakistan Fellowship, 1999-2001.
• Best Poster Award in international medical education conference Kenya, 2003.
• Received W.K. Kellogg Foundation Scholarship in 2003.
• Received Arts Association Fellowship, 2004.
• Received AusAID Fellowship 2007-2008, Western Australian University Perth, Australia
• Received international postdoctoral fellowship Higher Education of Pakistan Award 2011 (not availed, fulfilling contract with KSAU-HS)


• Member, International Association of Applied Psychology (IAPP)
• Member, Pakistan Psychologist Association (PPA).
• Member NGO War Against Rape (WAR).

Research Focus

• Mentoring & e-portfolio
• Mental health
• Curriculum
• Faculty development
• Assessment & evaluation: Educational Need Assessment, student evaluation


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