The College of Medicine offers its faculty many opportunities for professional development and has developed professional development programs to meet the requirements of the profession, the faculty and the College. The Faculty Enhancement Unit (FEU) works under the Department of Medical Education (DME), which frequently arranges faculty development workshops, seminars, continuing education courses, and clinical and educational skills development programs. The Faculty Enhancement Unit aims to advance the University’s academic staff strengths and abilities, support organizational capacities, and enrich academia to produce competent health care professionals. It works in liaison with the Faculty Enhancement Committee of the College of Medicine and responds to requests from different colleges and programs of the University.

Services offered by the unit includes organization of workshops and conferences, expert talks in areas of intellectual and academic interests, publications in the form of fact-sheets, newsletters and manuals, and contributions to various national and international conferences. Some pertinent issues discussed in its activities include adult vs child learning, student-centered vs teacher-centered learning, interactive vs didactic lectures, clinical reasoning and diagnostic decision-making, facilitation skills in Problem Based Learning, effective block coordination, validity and reliability in assessment and clinical teaching.

Director: Dr. Sajida Agha, Ext: 95250

Co-ordinator: Dr. Abdulaziz Al Hassan, Ext. 95307

Assistant: Evangeline Agosto at Ext: 95197

UPDATED Faculty Guide 2019

Facutly Enhancement Program 2017-2018

Faculty Enhancement Program 2018 - 2019