The College of Medicine (COM) implemented a Quality Assurance system for academic, administrative and other clinical activities so that all the main requirements and goals for a teaching, learning and academic service will be monitored and fulfilled in a successful manner. COM maintains a very systematic system in comparison with the academic standard and is focused on process output. The Department of Medical Education is responsible for overview of the academic standards, quality assurance and enhancement processes within the Medical College and creating action plans to improve the teaching and learning practices within COM and other affiliated colleges. The Department reports its findings to the Associate Dean and then to the Dean of the College.

  • Develop Mechanism for and accomplish accreditation of the College of Medicine
  • Establish a Quality Assurance Committee
  • Develop responsibilities of committee members
  • Education of Committee as to accreditation requirements
  • Perform a self-study of the institution in preparation for its accreditation
  • Prepare documents for accreditation
  • Share and discuss best practices in regards to quality assurance within the departments of the College and other affiliated colleges.
  • Define & Select International recognized standards
  • Complete Process of Accreditation by WFME
  • Complete Process of Local Accreditation by NCAAA
  • Provide Quality Assured Collaborative Solutions across faculties of the Medical Education Department.
  • In 2009, the Department of Medical Education worked to seek an approval on international standards of quality education for the College of Medicine from WFME and received a positive review on many standards particularly Basic Standards and Quality Development. The overall percentage on all standards within these two categories was 95% and 90% respectively.
  • In 2013, the College of Medicine was chosen as one of the model departments for the National Commission for Assessment and Academic Accreditation (NCAAA).  The Unit called meetings and assigned responsibilities. The Department of Medical Education Unit started working on reports on the prescribed format of Accreditation provided by the College, which has already been submitted to the national accreditation committee for further processing.
  • Reports were examined and finalized by the members.
Director: Prof. Mohi Eldin Magzoub  Ext.: 95249
Administrative Assistant: Mr. Everett Talisic Ext.: 95205