The mentorship program is closely linked to the student portfolio program which resulted from the realization that, in addition to functioning as an assessment tool, e-portfolios provide our students better learning opportunities through feedback from mentors, but also allows students to get more benefit from the guidance and experience of role models with this new program. Mentoring and e-portfolio at KSAU-HS differs from the traditional one to one mentoring programs and is designed to help students to advance their skills in their own institution.


To provide high‐quality and effective programs to support student engagement and development through the mentoring and e-portfolio activities and support programs.

  • Provides means to obtain support from mentors to facilitate students on career paths which follow their personal goals
  • To encourage active, self-directed learning and reflective practice
  • To encourage students to take responsibility for their personal and professional development

Strategic Plans:
  • To build a sense of community and to instill the skills and attitudes of leaders, including the commitment in achieving excellence through mentoring.
  • Develop guidelines and provide support for faculty staff in the use of mentoring and e-portfolio methods
  • Provide tools and form templates for developing mentor and mentee relationships for the purpose of professional development
  • Develop tools for evaluation of the program
  • Create mechanisms for rewarding contributions of faculty members

Director: Dr. Sajida Agha Ext.: 95250
Coordinator: Dr. Reem Al Serour

Administrative Assistant: Ms. Evangeline Agosto Ext.: 95197