Electives (ELEC-303 & ELEC-513)

Electives provide an opportunity for students to learn more about areas of interest, devoting time to the pursuit of special academic experiences.  The electives are also an exercise in self-directed study: students define for themselves what goals they must meet, and carry them out under the guidance of a supervisor.

The first elective block (ELEC-303) takes place in the summer after Year 2; the second (ELEC-513) in the summer after Year 3.  This timing allows students to devote themselves fully to their elective subjects, without the commitment of other courses running at the same time.  Students must study at least 3 different subjects, each one for a minimum of 2 weeks.

Students can follow many different paths with their electives. They can use them to learn more about career specialties, enhance particular skills, or explore the frontiers of medicine and healthcare. They can take part in community health projects in the Kingdom, or travel abroad to experience different cultures of medical practice. It is truly up to each student to decide, and the possibilities are vast and exciting.