BSc, MSc, Mphil, PhD.
Assistant Professor of BioStatistics

Research Unit, Department of Medical Education, College of Medicine
King Saud Bin Abdulaziz University For Health Sciences



Dr. Masuadi obtained his PhD in Biostatistics (Survival analysis) from Oxford Brookes University in April 2013. He has been teaching as an instructor at the university level during the last 9 years. Courses taught include Biostatistics, Statistics for Biology, Statistics for social science, Engineering statistics and business statistics. Highly evaluated by students, he has an excellent experience in applied statistics as well as data analysis in different disciplines. Dr. Masuadi is also an expert in statistical software such as R, SPSS, MINITAB, GAUSS, STATA, and SAS.
Over the last ten years he has: 

  • Taught different statistics courses for different disciplines such as Biostatistics, Statistics for Biology, Statistics for Business, Statistics for Biology, Statistical packages, design of experiment, statistics for business and others
  • Worked at the College of Medicine at Arabian Gulf University in Bahrain teaching and providing statistical consultation for researchers and graduate students in developing their questionnaires and analysis
  • Participated in many projects at different levels, departmental, college, university and state level in United Arab Emirates.
  • Held different roles in different projects such designing questionnaires, entering, managing, and analyzing data.


  • Providing statistical consultations for master students in College of Medicine and Medical Sciences
  • Providing statistical consultations for the college’s staff in their research
  • Providing workshops in data analysis using SPSS
  • Providing statistical consultations for staff in the University & NGHA hospital


  • PhD in Statistics, OXFORD BROOKES UNIVERSITY, OXFORD, UK. April 2013
    • Research area: Biostatistics-Survival analysis
    • Research title: “Nonparametric competing risks models with multivariate frailty”
  • M.Sc. in statistics, YARMOUK UNIVERSITY, IRBID, JORDAN. January 1998
    • Master thesis title “Study of Some Queuing Systems with Reneging Phenomenon “
  • B.Sc. in statistics, YARMOUK UNIVERSITY, IRBID, JORDAN. January 1993


• Statistical Society of Canada

Research Focus

  • Statistical modeling, survival analysis and Biostatistics.


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