International Speaker Professor Robert Parson presented a workshop on Teaching Critical Thinking in the Health Professions on April 24th, 2016.  Robert (Bob) Parson is Director, Education and Accreditation, Office of Continuing Professional Development, Fac. of Medicine, Ottawa. He works with physician groups and faculty to develop educational best practices for planning committees and presenters; designing and developing strategy and structure at the program level, and improving teaching and learning strategies with a focus on metacognition and integrating critical thinking into courses. 

The workshop involved several exercises to demonstrate and explore the potential attributes of critical thinking as it pertains to teaching and learning in medicine, examined a CT teaching model and discussed applications for each of its four CT steps and adapt and use the model for the participants' specific teaching and learning needs.  The workshop used interactive presentation and small group discussion.  Work done in the small group exercises was discussed and critiqued in the plenary session.