Evaluation is essential for informed decision making and improvement of the curriculum contents, instructions, and assessment, as well as total quality management. In the College of Medicine, we are extensively involved in curriculum activities to ensure that all our program components are evaluated. In addition, all stakeholders including students, faculty, service providers’ leaders etc. are participating in evaluation activities.


To foster the development and quality maintenance of educational programs at KSAU-HS generally, and its College of Medicine particularly, through a systematic program of relevant, accurate, comprehensive, and multifaceted evaluation, feasibly conducted within the resource capacity of the College and University.





Course Evaluation

  1. Pre-Professional Program
  2. Phase 1, Preparatory Blocks (5 Blocks)
  3. Phase 2, Integrated Blocks (9 Blocks)
  4. Phase 3, Clinical Blocks (5 Blocks)
  5. College of Applied Medical Sciences (3 - Programs)
  6. Masters Program in Medical Education (MME – 10 Blocks)

Faculty Evaluation

  1. Tutor Evaluation
  2. Lecturer Evaluation
  3. Clinical Sessions Evaluation
  4. Faculty Portfolio

Institutional Evaluation

  1. Multi-Year Retrospectives
  2. Annual College Report
  3. Annual Department Report
  4. Self Report for Accreditation Council
  5. Ad Hoc Evaluation
  6. Workshop Evaluation (On site, both locally designed and  international consultants)
  7. OSCE Evaluation
  8. Batch Ad Hoc Meetings



Director: Dr. Wa’el S Taha

Coordinator: Female Branch: Reem Al-Subait

Administrative Assistant: Maria Edicel Asensi  Ext.: 95258